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Southern Endoscopy Centre is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility where a wide variety of endoscopic services are delivered. We are proud to provide a nursing team and a modern facility, that over 30 specialist Gastroenterologists and General Surgeons choose to provide these endoscopy services from.
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Endoscopy appointments are made directly with any one of the specialists (Gastroenterologists or General Surgeons) listed below.

If you have visited your GP with gastrointestinal symptoms and you have health insurance, or will self-fund your procedure, your GP may refer you directly to any of the specialists below.

You may also contact any of the specialist practices listed below for information on current prices, private patient waiting times, and advice regarding the most appropriate endoscopic procedure or service for your symptoms.

The Southern Endoscopy Centre nursing and support team look forward to meeting you and caring for you on the day of your procedure.


Barclay Gastroenterology

Professor Murray Barclay


Christchurch Colorectal

Dr Sarah Abbott, Professor Tim Eglinton, Professor Frank Frizelle, Mr John Frye, Ms Tamara Glyn, Mr Matthew Leeman, Mr Rukshan Ranjan, Mr Simon Richards, Mr Prashant Sharma, Dr Rebecca Shine, Mr Richard Tapper, Mr Chris Wakeman

CHCH surgical associates

Christchurch Endoscopy

Dr Michael Burt, Mr Grant Coulter, Mr Richard Flint, Mr Todd Hore, Mr Steven Kelly, Mr James McKay, Mr Greg Robertson


Gastroenterology & Endoscopy Specialists

Dr Malcolm Arnold, Dr Teresa Chalmers-Watson, Professor Richard Gearry, Dr Jan Kubovy, Dr Mehul Lamba, Dr Gary Lim, Dr Jeffrey Jing Hieng Ngu, Dr Rajan Patel, Professor Catherine Stedman, Dr Vivek Tharayil

the endoscopy clinic

The Endoscopy Clinic

Mr Ross Roberts

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If you’d prefer, Southern Endoscopy Centre will allocate you to the Specialist with the next available appointment.